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Dermatology department will be offered specialize

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treatment for all clinical and general dermatological problems, including disorders of the skin, hair and nails, and venereal diseases, as well as aesthetic cosmetology services for controlling of problems like ageing skin, acne scars, pigmentation, corns, calluses, hair loss, moles, skin tags, warts and vitiligo. To minimize the negative impact of these disorders, our trusted specialists provide professional and personalized services leading to an improved outcome and quality of life.





  1. Chemical Cautery: Removal of Warts,DPN,Skin tags by means of applying a potent

acid like Trichloroacetic acid

  1. Radio Cautery : Removal of warts, skin tags, moles,DPN using radio cautery apparatus.
  2. Electro Cautery : removal of tags and DPN using an electrocautery machine
  3. Comedone Extraction and acne surgeries.
  4. Micro needling for revision of scars,wrinkles
  5. Skin Biopsy
  6. Intralesional injection for treatment of Keloids
  7. Chemical peeling for Skin Rejuvenation, pigmentation,sun damage, wrinkles, dull

skin, acne scars.

  1. Hairfall Treatment
  2. Laser hair reduction
  3. Laser for Skin Rejuvenation


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Department Facilities


Matha Medical Centre is a Multispeciality NABH pre accredited, ISO certified 80 bedded hospital in Mathilil , Kollam. We are here since 1999.We promote quality in healthcare in affordable cost. Our operational beds is 80,but we can accomodate upto 200 beds in emergency situation. We have a team of eminent doctors in various specializations. Based on the core philosphy of care, cure and compassion our hospital provides the latest facilities available in modern medicine. The commitment to quality services we obtained the NABH Pre Accreditation and ISO 9001:2015 certification. Our hospital located near the Ashtamudi lake side ,Kollam - Theni highway.